10 Ways To Decorate Your Kitchen Cabinets For Christmas

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10 Ways To Decorate Your Kitchen Cabinets For Christmas

Christmas is a special time of the year that we all look forward to. The holiday cheer, the smell of Christmas cookies, and we can’t forget the decorations! We know you’re used to decorating the Christmas tree and putting up lights outside of your home, but why not kick it up a notch this Christmas with kitchen cabinet décor? Spread the joy everywhere!

Is Your Kitchen Ready for the Holidays?

Your kitchen is the heart of your home, so don’t leave it out of all the holiday fun! Get your kitchen ready for this holiday season with simple decoration designs. We’re here to give you 10 ways to decorate your kitchen cabinets for the holidays.

1. Christmas Lights!

You can’t go wrong with Christmas lights! Lights make the perfect addition to any décor by providing an extra ambience to the kitchen scene. You can stream your lights underneath your kitchen cabinet for a more discrete, plush look or string the along your walls for a festive feel. And don’t be afraid to add some color with colorful Christmas lights! These really add to the holiday mood and depending on your kitchen color palette, it can really compliment your design.

2. Garlands

Nothing makes a space look more elegant during the holidays than a garland. Garlands bring a natural yet festive vibe to the kitchen. Add them to the top of your cabinet shelves or stream them along the edge of your kitchen counter and cabinets. If your kitchen has a window pain, garlands also make a great accent around the window seal.

3. Wrapping Paper

Wrapping paper is a fun way to add some flare to your kitchen decorum. Pick your favorite wrapping paper design and feel free to get creative! You can wrap your kitchen cabinets, refrigerator doors, and even use it as your backsplash wallpaper. And if you’re looking to get the kids involved, add their favorite cartoon character holiday wallpaper!

4. Christmas Cards

Finding ways to incorporate holiday traditions and memories into your Christmas decorations is a meaningful way to spark up the holiday joy. Display your Christmas cards around the kitchen as you and your family enjoy time together. Tape them onto your kitchen cupboards or put them along your kitchen island to showcase the love.

5. Bows & Ribbons

Adding ribbons and bows to your kitchen chairs or kitchen cabinets is a great way to get crafty and improve your space. Red Christmas bows or ribbons are a simple way to make your kitchen look a little more upscale and elegant during the holiday season.

6. Kitchen Island Décor

There are many ways to dress up your kitchen without your decorations taking over the kitchen workspace. Your kitchen island may not be an ideal place for a lot of decorum, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t add a few accents. Simply placing a festive center piece, on the kitchen island can enhance your layout and bring attention to the heart of your kitchen.

7. Kitchen Dish Towels and Rugs

One of the simplest ways to bring the Christmas spirit into the kitchen, is by swapping out dish rags, towels, and rugs for holiday colors or patterns. Adding those traditional holiday colors, like red and green into the kitchen can install change the mood. But you want to keep in mind that your kitchen décor should all flow and coordinate. So, don’t shy too far away from your original color scheme. Aim for holiday colors that compliment your kitchen layout.

8. Holiday Knickknacks and Accessories

The best part about decorating is the little accessories you find to put around the house. Whether your thrift shopping or purchasing from a retail shop, there are many ways to include inexpensive accessories into your holiday decorations. Christmas ornaments, wreaths, and even an elf on the shelf can make cute accessories to add to the kitchen as well.

9. Seasonal Dishware

Share the holiday joy with your dishware! Switching out your everyday plates, cups, and silverware for seasonal dishware is a subtle way to share some Christmas spirit in the kitchen.

10. Cabinet Colors

If you’re going for a new look in the kitchen, switching out your traditional white cabinets for a more modern, neutral color, such as blue or grey cabinets, may be all the change your kitchen needs. Our Aria Blue shaker cabinets and Winchester Grey cabinets, at Factory Cabinets Direct, are neutral enough to be dressed up or down. These versatile cabinets make the perfect accent for any holiday season, while also maintaining a stylish and trendy look for any everyday kitchen design.


We hope our tips were helpful in showing you that there are so many ways to bring the holiday spirit into the heart of your home. Traditional Christmas aesthetics are always a go to, and now you shouldn’t be afraid to bring that into the kitchen! Spruce up your kitchen cabinets this holiday season by following these simple tips and create a stylish look that is sure to impress your family and guest. And remember, if you’re ever looking for a kitchen cabinet upgrade, our showroom selection at Factory Cabinets Direct, has you covered with quality cabinets at wholesale pricing!