How to Protect your Cabinets from Humidification

How to Protect your Cabinets from Humidification

Real wood cabinets make a beautiful addition to any kitchen, and we want them to stay nice for as long as they possibly can. Luckily, they are built to last, but weather extremes can cause changes in humidity that warp your cabinets. Keeping track of your home’s humidity levels helps prevent this, but how do you do that? We have made a list of a few ways you can track and change your home’s humidity when weather gets unpredictable.

1. Keep Track of your Home’s Humidity

It’s important to watch the humidity levels in your house. Your home should average between 20% and 70% humidity, and wood cabinets are built to withstand 40% to 50% humidity. You can invest in a digital thermometer-hygrometer to help you watch the levels of humidity in your home. And if you notice it’s getting too high or too low, there are many ways to get your humidity levels back to normal.

2. Find Ways to Control the Humidity in your Home

It’s best to keep your home at a humidity above 20% if it’s below 20 degrees outside, and above 35% humidity if it’s above 20 degrees. If you notice that your humidity levels are too low, you can’t go wrong with humidifiers. You can get a whole house humidifier if it’s a problem everywhere or place humidifiers in problem areas around your house. And there are simpler fixes too, like leaving an individual pan of water in a less humid area. However, it’s important to remember not to overdo it with humidity.

3. Watch your Humidity Levels Carefully

After taking the necessary steps to add humidity back to your house, it’s important to watch your levels and make sure it’s not too much. Try to look at the condensation on your windows. If you notice a lot of condensation, that could mean the indoor humidity levels are too high for the outdoor temperature. This can cause more problems for your cabinets because now you have gone too far in the other direction. When this happens, take steps to lower the humidity so your cabinets don’t swell.

4. Keep an Eye on your Cabinets

You may be worried that your cabinets are permanently damaged after they experience a sharp change in humidity, since it can take days or weeks to see any changes. However, if you follow the above steps and keep your home’s humidity more stable, then your cabinets will return to normal. It may be hard to wait during that time, but rest assured that it is possible, and you will not have to break the bank on a whole new set. And since cabinets take a while to respond to humidity, keep an eye on them and track if they’re shrinking or swelling. Luckily you now know what to do when you notice a change.

In Conclusion:

There’s no need to worry if you find your home’s humidity levels are getting too low or too high. You can take easy steps to get it back to normal, and your cabinets will not be permanently damaged. These things happen, and now you know exactly what to do. And now that you know how to take care of real wood cabinets, you can shop for some at Factory Cabinets Direct.

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